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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What to Expect From Your Equipment Service Providers

It’s been argued over the past several years that businesses are falling short in the customer service department. Budget cuts and staff reductions are taking a toll on customer satisfaction. Finding service companies that treat their customers like kings may take some effort to find, but they are still out there.

Building and retaining strong customer relationships should always be the number one goal of any business owner. Maintaining those relationships is a lot of work, but well worth all the effort in the end. Loyal customers work as a personal marketing department by using word of mouth to brag about a business’ 5-star customer service, as well as carry a business through tough economic times. In today’s marketplace, as a service provider in the equipment maintenance industry, this has never been truer.

As a customer in need of repair or maintenance on your equipment, whether it’s an office printer or high-end MRI, choosing the right service provider to repair and maintain the equipment is vital to any business. So, now we have a supply and demand situation. Customers demand service and equipment service providers supply it. As a result, both parties should be on the same page. The customers should expect certain qualities of the service provider and the service provider should meet or exceed those expectations. A mediocre maintenance provider can cost a business time, money, and unnecessary frustration.

But what qualities should you insist on as a customer?

Here are a few suggestions of what to expect from your equipment service provider.

  • The service provider should always have the customer’s best interest in mind. They should be ethical, honest, and perform only the maintenance required using the appropriate number of technicians.
  • The service provider must be reliable and trustworthy, which includes arriving on time and delivering the services promised in a professional manner.
  • The service provider should be familiar with the specific make and model of the equipment in need of repair or maintenance, have experience maintaining the equipment, and be prepared with all possible replacement parts.
  • The service provider should show up on time and repair the equipment in the least amount of time allowable. The service provider should also communicate openly about the repair progress and/or potential issues with the customer during the service call.
  • The service provider should disclose all costs, such as travel, after-hour, weekend, and holiday rates, or resupply charges upfront – there should be NO hidden charges.
  • The service provider should offer a guarantee or warranty, in writing, for the repair or maintenance performed.

The customer’s goal is to find the best equipment service provider that will ensure the highest level of equipment uptime and reliability at the best possible price. Once the initial repair or maintenance call is complete, it will be up to the service provider to start building a strong customer relationship with you. It will be their goal to convert you to a loyal customer and that is a win-win for everyone.

Want to add something to our list? Feel free to leave a comment. Remi is constantly searching for qualified service providers to support our program. If you are an equipment service provider with a healthy reputation, please visit and fill out the form or download the Service Vendor Profile. We look forward to hearing from you!