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Friday, March 20, 2015

9 Office Attire Don’ts, Zoolander Style

Since Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson showed up to Paris Fashion Week in characters from their 2001 hit movie, Zoolander, the internet was buzzing with sequel rumors. Later that same day, the rumors were confirmed with the exciting news of a Zoolander 2 to be released in early 2016. If you remember, Stiller’s character, Derek Zoolander, was a fashion model at the end of his career after losing model of the year to Wilson’s character, Hansel McDonald. When Will Ferrell’s character, the evil Jacobim Mugatu, hires Zoolander and brainwashes him to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the comedy ensues.

Many offices have moved to a causal or business casual dress code. The line between what’s appropriate at the workplace and what’s not just got finer. Unlike Zoolander and his cohort McDonald, where anything goes, there are fashion faux pas to avoid in the corporate world. 

Below are 9 office attire don’ts:
  1. Don’t show off the goods – leave the skintight shirts, pants, or skirts at home. Men, your biceps might be rock hard, but save showing them off for the gym. Ladies, if you want to be taken seriously, avoid showing too much cleavage and save the miniskirt for a night out on the town.
  2. Don’t mistake the office for an art show – as popular as tattoos and piercings are today, they are still considered unprofessional in corporate America. Coworkers will still think you’re cool even if you can’t show off the new tat.
  3. Don’t forget the iron – it’s never a good look to show up to work looking like you just rolled out of bed in your work clothes. Take a few minutes to iron out the wrinkles or at least use the greatest invention ever…Downy Wrinkle Release spray.
  4. Don’t kill coworkers’ sense of smell – it’s nice to smell good of course. But, there’s no need to use a half a bottle of cologne or perfume in one day. One or two squirts of your favorite scent is plenty for the day.
  5. Don’t go punk – the punk subculture has made a comeback and is the epitome of self-expression. However, showing up to a meeting at the office with purple spiked hair doesn’t always leave a good impression. You may be judged by your looks instead of smarts.
  6. Don’t dress for the gym – tracksuits, spandex, t-shirts with logos, running attire…you get the idea. And no, yoga pants are not appropriate for the office, no matter how popular they are in the real world. Except…no, there are no exceptions!
  7. Don’t get ripped – take a few minutes to check your wardrobe for worn out or tattered clothing and either fix them or get rid of them. There’s no place in the office for tattered clothing; this includes your new jeans with strategically placed tears on purpose.
  8. Don’t look like a disco ball – disco is dead and Studio 54 has been closed for decades. Leave the heavy make-up and bling-bling jewelry at home.
  9. Don’t fall ill – wearing ill-fitted clothes is one of the biggest fashion no-no’s. Besides being uncomfortable, they always seem to accentuate your problem areas. If something doesn't fit right, either get it tailored or don’t even buy it regardless of the sale price.
Still having trouble deciding what to wear to the office, there’s a couple of things you do. One safe bet is to mimic what management is wearing. Or, there are a ton of blogs out there to help those stuck in a fashion rut. Have any tips to add to the list or fashion advice to share? Leave a comment!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Remi’s Product/Service Review of In The News, Inc.

One of our favorite things to do at Remi is display plaques of the company’s various achievements and proudest moments around the headquarter office space in Charlotte, NC. And no one preserves our most notable accomplishments better than In The News, Inc. Since 1987, the company has provided custom lamination and engraving services. In the 25 years of operation, In The News, Inc. has created over 1 million custom, hand-stained wall plaques for their national customer base of over 500,000 clients, according to their website.

In The News, Inc.’s mission statement thoroughly covers the important points of who, what, why, and how. Who: offer lamination and engraving services to individuals, small, medium, and large businesses throughout the US. What: make available a product which prominently and tastefully displays the article or achievement. Why: dedicated to building a company that will provide opportunities to employees, managers, and stockholders. How: maintain an exciting and professional atmosphere committed to enhancing the pride and self-esteem of each team member.

Remi has been using In The News, Inc. since 2002…that’s over a decade of service! When a plaque needs to be made, we contact our Senior Account Executive, JoAnn Snider, directly. Typically, custom wooden plaques are made to display magazine articles, for example, Remi’s original industry articles appearing in DOTmed magazine or Radiology Today magazine; to showcase prestigious awards won, such as the Business North Carolina Fast 40 award two years in a row; or display prominent marketing pieces, like the 4-page exposition on Remi featured in Greater Charlotte Biz magazine.

Overall, Remi rates In The News, Inc. 5 out of 5 stars! Below are the company’s pros and cons:

  • A dedicated, friendly account executive. A relationship has formed over the years with Remi’s Senior Account Executive, JoAnn, and she can always be counted on to answer any questions and always give her honest opinion.
  • Quality work at a fair price. The wooden plaques commemorating some of Remi’s proudest moments are made in-house at In The News, Inc., arrive in sturdy packaging and once opened, a beautiful piece of artwork is revealed.
  • Customized name plates. Each plaque has the option to come with a customized name plate featuring important information about the plaques contents. In Remi’s case with industry articles, the name plate displays our company name, the name of the publication, and the date.
  • Bragging rights. In The News, Inc. allows companies, like Remi, to tastefully brag about company achievements. The plaques are eye-catching, decorative pieces that can be displayed throughout the office. When guests visit, the plaques can be used as ice breakers or make excellent conversation starters.

  • There’s only one…a long turnaround time. It takes a few weeks to receive a plaque once ordered. There are two reasons. One, because of the nature of the lamination process, hard copies of the original document being made into a plaque have to be mailed in. Given today’s technology, it seems antiquated; but it’s the only option. Electronically scanned in versions of the documents do not create high quality plaques. And two, plaques have to be shipped to Remi because In The News, Inc. is located in Tampa, Florida. Again, this is unavoidable.

The New Year promises to bring more achievements and proud moments to Remi as the company continues to grow its Equipment Maintenance Management Programs across the country. As they happen, we look forward to working with In The News, Inc. throughout the year. Perhaps we might try some new crystalline plaques this year as well.

Do you get plaques made? Have you worked with In The News, Inc. before? Share your stories with us!