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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Walk a Million Steps with Remi

In March, Remi introduced the company’s first Wellness Initiative that centered on using a Fitbit. Fitbit is a wearable fitness device that was built on the idea that fitness is not just about the gym. It’s all the time. “When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, steps are just the beginning. Fitbit tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep—to help you find your fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact,” from

Each employee was offered a Fitbit Charge under the new initiative and the first challenge was to Walk a Million Steps with Remi between March and November. A total of 73 employees participated in the challenge and 82% exceeded the million step goal.

In an employee feedback survey about the company’s Wellness Initiative, 61.9% thought Walk a Million Steps with Remi was challenging. “When you sit all day at a desk, it can be challenging to obtain over 10,000 steps per day. This challenge motivated me to accomplish that daily,” remarked one employee. Another said, “I did feel motivated to walk at lunch, or after work, and I wouldn’t have done it without the company challenge.” While others thought the challenge was a little too easy, “It wasn’t a challenge to get to 1 million steps. It was fun challenging coworkers to do more steps though.”

The average person walks 5,000-7,500 steps/day. Over nine months, employees were encouraged to walk the recommended 10,000 steps/day, making the million step goal a piece of cake. Employees were asked if they changed any daily habits after starting to wear the Fitbit and 93% of respondents said yes.

Employees started taking the stairs, parking farther away in the garage, and walking at lunch with coworkers or after dinner with family and friends, just to name a few. One employee commented, “Paired the Fitbit with My Fitness Pal to track (and improve) diet along with exercise.”

When asked if wearing the Fitbit increased exercise activities, 90% of respondents said yes. Some employee comments regarding how included, “It forced me to wake up earlier or move things around in my schedule to be more active!” Or, “It was personally rewarding/motivating to reach a high number of steps.” My favorite comment is, “I felt like my Fitbit was silently judging me if I was lazy.” For anyone who wears a Fitbit, or similar device, knows how true that statement is; wearing a Fitbit can be a real emotional struggle.

Employees stayed motivated during the 9-month challenge by: challenging coworkers/friends/family, 50%; exercising with a buddy, 50%; joining a gym, 31%; weighing self regularly, 33%; and reading health-related articles, 25%. “I wanted to win the weekly summary e-mails comparing my weekly steps with my Fitbit friends,” commented an employee.

Sixty-seven percent of survey respondents said that after receiving their Fitbit, friends/family purchased a similar device. Husbands, wives, moms, dads, siblings, sons, daughters, and friends wanted to get in on the action. This is a great reminder that getting active is contagious!

The last question of the survey asked employees to leave any final thoughts about the Fitbit that they’d like to share. One employee commented, “I think that the Fitbit in general is a healthy tool to monitor your activity and ensure that you stay active on a daily basis. Combining it with a competitive workforce is just the icing on the cake to push people to move in a not so “move friendly” environment.” Another said, “Really appreciate the Fitbit – changed my daily habits about exercise.” Employees are also eager to start the next challenge, “Really enjoyed the [million step] challenge. Excited about tracking active minutes!”

The new active minute challenge, “Keep Calm, Get Active,” will run the first quarter of 2016. Active minutes help measure the energy expenditure of various activities and exercise intensity. The Fitbit recognizes and awards active minutes when the activity you're doing is more strenuous than regular walking. To stay in line with the Center for Disease Control's (CDC’s) “10 minutes at a time is fine” concept, active minutes are only awarded after 10 minutes of continuous moderate-to-intense activity (vigorous activity with more than 135 steps in a minute).

The goal for this challenge is get as many active minutes as possible and get your heartrate up. The more active minutes, the more calories burned; and the more calories burned, the faster those holiday pounds disappear.

Final thoughts: Don’t be left behind – get a Fitbit, or similar device, and get active! According to the American College of Sports Medicine, wearable technology is the number one fitness trend for 2016. “Tech devices are now central to our daily lives and have changed the way we plan and manage our workouts,” said Walter R. Thompson, Ph.D., FACSM, the lead author of the survey and associate dean in the College of Education & Human Development at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Do you have a Fitbit or wearable fitness device? Is it a love-hate relationship? If you don’t have one yet, do you plan on getting one soon? Share your thoughts with us!

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Only Life Advice You’ll Ever Need

Remi recently celebrated LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents Day for the first time and it was a huge success! Since Remi is such a niche business, equipment maintenance management programs aren’t exactly part of typical dinner table conversations, it can be difficult to describe exactly what employees do at work. Because one third of parents don’t understand what their children do at work all day, LinkedIn created Bring In Your Parents Day.

Remi opened the doors and employees were given the opportunity to show their parents how they spend their day. Employees were also able to introduce their parents to the boss and coworkers, have lunch together, and say thank you for the help, advice, and inspiration their parents have given over the years.

During a catered lunch from Libretto’s, employees were asked to write the best advice they’ve gotten from their parents and parents were asked to write down the best advice they’ve given to their children. The results were amazing!

Below are the best pieces of life advice you’ll ever need:
  • Treat others the way that you want to be treated. Erin Learn
  • Always do your best and you’ll never be disappointed. Erin’s Dad
  • You can be or do anything you want. McKensie Moody
  • Always be true to yourself. McKensie’s Mom
  • Give more than you receive. McKensie’s Dad
  • If you are early, you are on time; if you are on time, you are late; if you are late, don’t bother coming. Taylor Baker
  • Always be honest. You don’t have to worry about keeping your story straight when you tell the truth. Taylor’s Dad
  • Life’s not fair. Diane Pfiester
  • The keyword is when. Doing the right thing at the right time. Diane’s Mom
  • Bonus: If an alligator ever chases you, you run in a zigzag. Diane’s Mom
  • Never quit. Taylor Polk
  • Your word is your wand. Taylor’s Mom
  • Bonus: When it’s raining, drop your speed limit by 5mph. Taylor’s Mom
  • Believe in yourself. Aaron Zafiroff
  • Go away to college. Aaron’s Mom
  • A reputation takes a lifetime to build, but can be ruined in an instant. Guard yours carefully. Van Miller
  • Nothing good ever happens after midnight. Van’s Mom
  • Practice in your mind to be perfect in your life. Tori Keziah
  • Everyone is a person. Treat them with respect no matter their position in life. Tori’s Dad
  • Bonus: Who cares what anybody else thinks. Tori’s Dad
  • Put God first and go where the peace is. Tori’s Mom
  • Don’t always look for instant gratification. The quick fun and easy route may seem nice at the time, but life is about thinking and living for the long term. Nick Cannon
  • If you want somebody to buy from you, ask for the sale. Nick’s Dad
  • Be a man of integrity. Nick’s Mom
  • Be the best at your craft. Reggie Bell
  • Dream big. Reggie’s Dad
  • Bonus: Be a visionary. Reggie’s Dad
  • Always have options. Trina McConico
  • Be the best at everything you do. Trina’s Dad
  • No one is indispensable. Jack Jaimes
  • Always try your best. Jack’s Dad
  • You have to crawl before you can walk…and then sometimes you have to crawl after you walk. Drema Cunningham
  • Stay motivated, stay positive. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just work hard and keep pounding. Drema’s Dad and Stepmom
  • Dating is as good as it gets. Wendy Lane
  • You only get one chance at a good first impression. Wendy’s Mom
  • Bonus: Choose your friends wisely. Wendy’s Mom

So there you have it – all of life’s best advice in one place. There’s a general theme…be yourself, be honest, work hard, and always live by the golden rule – treat others the way you’d like to be treated!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? What’s the best advice you’ve ever given? Share it with us; we’d love to hear from you!